About Vladimir city

Our hotel is situated in the historical center of Vladimir. A few hundred meters and you find yourself in a wonderful world of Vladimir-one of the oldest Russian cities. You can see with your own eyes a splendid Cathedral of St. Demetrius, Assumption Cathedral, Nativity Monastery and other monuments of Russian ancient white-stone architecture. There are not so many hotels that can offer you such breathtaking trip to the past!

We invite you to the world of Ancient Russia

About these places has been written so many books, made so many movies! Vladimir associated with the most glorious pages of Russian history! Founded by Vladimir Monomakh in 1108, our city was a reliable protection south-eastern borders of the country. From 1157 to 1362, with the light hand of Grand Duke Andrei Bogolyubsky, it was the capital of a powerful Rostov-Suzdal principality. And in 1299 to the city of Vladimir from Kiev was transferred throne-Russian metropolis.

Vladimir many times has been deprived it`s power as it was significant in the political arena at that time. And in 1412 Talych - Tartar prince did it. But burned and sacked the city rose again, cherishing his former greatness that remained- its stunning architecture! This magnificent Demetrius Cathedral, Mother of God Monastery Christmas Kremlin, Historical Museum, located in the old City Council, shopping arcade, Golden Gates, near which vow fidelity to the city itself, Alexander Nevsky. And, of course, the Assumption Cathedral, that is almost the same age as Vladimir. Near it`s altar vowed the great Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy. Here are frescoes by Andrei Rublev, and in the necropolis of the cathedral Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky and Vsevolod the Big Nest gained their eternal rest.